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Poor me, I shall need to meet the margin calls from the brokers again!

留言: Becky   2016-01-11 13:45:05 回覆

Hang Seng Index now below 20000.

留言: cassie   2016-01-11 13:35:00 回覆

Again, no sign of market revival. dropped 500 points in the Hang Seng Index...

留言: cassie   2016-01-11 13:24:47 回覆

What do you think about New Zealand Dollars? I intend to buy some for long term purpose...

留言: Forex Layman   2016-01-10 09:42:26 回覆

My goodness, Canadian dollar is collapsing!

留言: John   2016-01-10 09:41:27 回覆


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